Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Slicing Daily Has Done for Me (SoLSC 31/31) #sol15

What Slicing Daily Has Done For Me
  • ·        It's gotten me back in a writing habit (I hope to keep it going!)
  • ·        I’m trusting my voice more, and remembering again the value in it
  • ·        Emotions came out in ways I didn’t know they would & I was able to process them much more effectively through writing about them
  • ·        I’ve gained new insights into my students’ lives and personalities
  • ·        I was reminded why I enjoy writing poetry so much
  • ·        It’s given me ways to practice different ways/forms of writing
  • ·        I’m realizing once again how anti-real life the five paragraph writing style is
  • ·        It’s rebuilt our classroom community (through students’ participation and my sharing)
  • ·        I’ve been vulnerable in my writing, which were some of the more impactful posts (based on comments) that I wrote
  • ·        My passion is reenergized
  • ·        It’s reminded me that I need to be a writer myself to be a more effective teacher of writing
  • ·        I’m remembering how hard it can be to write sometimes, but that if I just go with it, it usually works – kinda like Field of Dreams: if you type it, it will come
  • ·        It’s reminded me that I am a writer, no matter what form that might take
  • ·        I remember that I like a challenge, and being held accountable by a larger audience, because it’s good motivation to get going!


  1. Yes! Committing to a challenge is the only way I can get myself to consistently write like this. Maybe I need to jump back to Teachers Write this year as well for the summer.

    I also completely agree with you on the 5 paragraph essay thing. I wish I knew how to get the teachers in my building to let go of that format!

  2. SO true. Committing to this challenge is SO much easier than changing the minds of those who value the 5P essay more than words!

  3. So many wonderful lessons learned! This is one of my favorites:"It’s reminded me that I need to be a writer myself to be a more effective teacher of writing."

  4. Love this "If you type it, it will come." SO true! Surprising sometimes how just sitting down and making yourself write - your own thoughts can connections and take on things and the things you have a "take" on can surprise and delight you! Thank you for your writing and reflection today.

  5. What a great idea to write about all the things you've learned from this challenge!