Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Brain on Revision (SoLSC 22/31) #sol15

It's a weird thing when you're asked to write a biographical statement about yourself. I always feel a bit awkward about it because I know the purpose is to share things about myself that would make people think positively about me, but it also feels a bit like a #humblebrag at times. So here I sit...waiting on feedback for my draft...hoping it hits just the right note of sounding professional, but not humble braggy. And, yes, I realize braggy is not a word, but we can all agree that we know what it means here, right? Plus, this is the space when I have more freedom to write because it doesn't have to be as formal - so this is me taking my break right now and spewing whatever my brain juices and fingertips want to tap out. Apparently writing and revising make me feel a little wonky (and thinking in random pop culture hashtags). #sorrynotsorry


  1. Sometimes hashtags capture what we are feeling or thinking more succinctly than any other words. I, too, find it hard to write about myself.

  2. Yes I would feel the same way that it was "braggy" about myself, but I also like how you incorporated hashtags, it really describes how you feel!