Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Days (SoLSC 19/31) #sol15

Some days
I have less patience
than I know I should

Some days
I wish I had more
time, energy, understanding

Some days
I get frustrated
and hear how short my tone is

Those days
I may have to stop
and count to ten…or twenty

Those days
I have to remember
to take a moment and check myself

Some days
I wonder how I ended up
back in middle school

Some days
when the pressures are mounting
and attitudes are striking

Those days
I take a moment
to get my headspace right

Those days
I remind myself
why I do this

Those days
I remember
they are still just kids

Those days
I push myself
to recall what it was like
to be an adolescent

But then
a look connects or
a comment is made or
a piece is written or
a book is finished or
a laugh is shared or
a joke is told or
a smile is given or
a tear leaks down cheeks or
a dream is stated or
an email is received or
a thought is sparked or
a lightbulb goes on or
a face brightens

On those days
I know my spirits may be low
but my hope is renewed

Each day
there is a moment when I remember
why teaching middle school
is the right place for me

Every day
I love my students
and find the motivation to try my hardest
because I want the best for all of them


  1. I think your poem expresses perfectly the frustrations and joys of teaching. I don't teach middle school, but you could have been writing about me. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. You captured what I have felt many times in my twenty five years of teaching!

  3. I'll bet every teacher who reads this has experienced this day. I think you captured the emotions of it perfectly

  4. My favorite writing is vulnerable writing. This is so raw and tender. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh yes, this poem could have been about me (on many days)!
    "On those days
    I know my spirits may be low
    but my hope is renewed"
    Well said! I will always hold on to that hope!

  6. And the beauty of our profession is that on days like this one...there is always the opportunity to do it better ....tomorrow.

  7. Yes! I think youcaptured what many of us feel some days. Thank you!

  8. Well, this was my day, too - thank you for reminding me why I love teaching 6th. grade.

  9. It is so true that these moments happen to all of us as teachers. I love the poem and I love your honesty here. Middle school is so tricky and some days are so difficult. It is good that you know how to remind yourself of how much you like it.

  10. This is so true, I have to stop myself all the time and remember they are just kids. We have to have the most patience in the world, working with kids.