Thursday, October 16, 2014

From an 8th Grade Teacher, My Hope for Their Futures...

My students were learning to write long off of an idea in class. As I sat down to decide what my model writing would be about, I looked around at my 8th graders in the room (who are in their second year with me) and realized that not too long from now they would be graduating. I took that idea and went with it, and when I wrote long about it, this is what happened.
From an 8th grade teacher, my hope for their futures:

I hope they will…

…find success, in whatever way it manifests for them individually

…reach for their dreams, but always have a solid backup plan

…learn that they are so much more than a test score

I hope they will…

…know happiness, joy, and love in their lives

…become lifelong seekers of knowledge, readers, and critical thinkers

…have grand adventures, whether close to home or far away

I hope they will…

…continue their education in a way that best fits their needs

…never forget the books we’ve shared and what they’ve taught them about life

…share their individual strengths to contribute to society and impact their communities

…hope for the best from, and for, themselves

I hope they will…

…strive for greatness

…surround themselves with people who care about them and have their best interests at heart

…reach their fullest potential

I hope they will…

…always find a book for when they need a mirror or window, to get lost or to be found

…make mistakes & then learn from them and do better the next time

…realize that friends may come and go, but it’s not the amount but the quality that matters

…do what’s right, even if it’s not popular

I hope they will…

…figure out what they want to do in life, but if it doesn’t work out, realize it’s not set in stone

…discover the right path for them, and then follow it through all the twists and turns while keeping the destination in sight while being willing to veer from the path when necessary

…appreciate the good around them and the support others give them

…rely on their core values to carry them through

I hope they will…

…remember the lessons I’ve taught them – not the grammar ones, but the ones on empathy, communication, respect, bravery, kindness, and how to be better people

I hope they will…

…believe in something

…be the best version of themselves that they can be, to create the best possible version of our future

I hope they will…

…come back to visit and let me know how they’re doing – just because they’ve left my classroom, doesn’t mean they’ve left my thoughts

I hope they will…

…not ever give up on themselves and what they can achieve in their lives

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