Monday, September 16, 2013

My Favorite Moments of the Day

Some of my favorite moments during the school day are the impromptu, unplanned moments when I get to talk books with students. Why? Because when I see their enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness, and energy about books, authors, and reading, it lets me know I'm doing something right. It shows me that they are reading and that they are finding enjoyment in it, which we all know will lead to increased learning and engagement.

Some snippets from today (it was a good Monday)
Student rushing up to me as we're lining up for buses, "Mrs. Heise, I finished it."
Me: "Do you need to check out a new one before you leave?"
Student: "Yep."

Student: "Mrs. Heise, what was that book you were reading last week?"

Student: "Mrs. Heise, this book is really good."
Friend: "Wait, which one? I want to read it, too."

Student to Friend: "You read Crash already?!" turns to me: "Mrs. Heise, Where is Bang? S needs it."

Me: "Okay. Get to a good stopping point."
Students (at various times):
"No! Can't we just keep reading all day?"
"Can't we read for just 10 more minutes so I can finish?"
"Can we just read the whole class today?"
"No! I only have four pages left!" (My response to that one? "OK. Everyone read a few more pages so B can finish."

These are the kinds of comments that keep me going and energize me during the school day. I particularly love that this year these moments are happening most often at the start of the day and at the end of the day. Why? Because that tells me my students are reading at home. And I love that culture being built, supported, and embraced.

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